The Netflix model has entered the world of books in varying degrees. We have Book Lamp and Kindle Unlimited, but even traditional publishing has tried a more rapid-release approach, which has traded on a new phrase: “binge-reading.” I first came across the term when I learned of…

Binge the weekend away! And by that, I mean, read.

Fuck off, Waze.



Breakfast around the world

I want to eat them all.

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at Outside Lands Music Festival

Keri Russell traipsing through the forest in camping gear with a tiny monkey may be the most important image I’ve seen all year.

Point Proven, or, "Transcribing Dates I Hear at Coffee Shops Since the Year I Started Drinking Coffee"

  • Guy: I'm a copywriter, so I'm literally a smartass. Like you can genuinely call me a smartass.
  • Girl: You don't seem like an ass though.
  • Guy: Well I am super smart.